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reduce the signs of

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with Peptides


Now Available in Canada 

Image by Rikonavt

Smooth fine lines and soften skin.

If you are looking for a natural way to get rid of the lines on your forehead, or your chest try Frownies Serum Patch. 


The Frownies Forehead Serum Patch can be thought of as a blend of a serum and a face mask. The skincare ingredients of the serum are delivered over a longer period of time similar to a face mask.


The patch is an effective treatment to plump and hydrate the skin and smooth fine lines when used two to three times per week – or as often as you like! 


During the month of June use code SP10 to receive your discount. 

results since 1889

Frownies original facial smoothing patches were created in 1889 - this woman-owned business has sustained itself across 5 generations! We invite you to become a part of the FROWNIES Family. Experience the consistency and stability of results that have led to our company's longevity. Many knock off's have shown up and gone away but FROWNIES are here to stay!

Holding a Branch

“Frownies are Hollywood’s biggest secret. It’s kind of like the natural Botox…You wet it, use the adhesive, and you stick it on those little areas where you have frowns…And basically when you sleep with this, it rejuvenates the muscles in your skin, and it gets rid of those lines…You do it while you’re vacuuming, when you’re sleeping…They do work, they really work.”

Eve Pearl, View Crew Makeup Artist.