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Hydration for chest and forehead wrinkles 


Wear this reusable patch for 15-30 minutes to let it's rich ingredients penetrate your skin. Great for a quick refresh on forehead wrinkles to smooth fine lines or overnight for chest wrinkles. Nourishing and smoothing skin wrinkles and fine lines. 


"Love this thing!!"

Even WITH my readers on, my forehead is so much smoother than it was before I started using this! "— Shanygne Gullickson


"Added as a subscription"

After using frownies facial patches a few times I decided to try the serum patch and really like it. In order to be able to use consistently i ordered this as a subscription so I’ll always have them on hand. Still trying to figure out if I like using at night or morning, easier at night before patches, but better in the morning for immediate results for the day. Would love to hear what others think! - Erin Slack


One reusable patch


Serum Patch for Forehead Wrinkles

SKU: Serum-Patch
  • Before applying the Frownies Serum Patch to assist with fine lines, wash your face with Frownies PH Balancing Face Wash, moisturize the skin, then gently peel the Frownies Serum Patch off the backing and apply to the desired area. 

    Wear the Serum Patch for 15-30 minutes then place it on the backing for reuse later in the week. 

    Frownies Serum Patch can be used in the morning or evening (or any time of day) after your usual skin care routine.

    The Serum Patch is a great compliment to our Frownies Original Facial Patches for deep wrinkles and expression lines. Our serum patch can be used as a hybrid between a patch and a serum to hydrate and moisturize the skin.

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