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Frownies Skin Serum is a barrier serum, meaning it builds the natural skin barrier. Rich in antioxidants, peptides and beneficial lipids from hemp seed oil, oat oil and sea buckthorn oil to soften and smooth the appearance of your skin. (Previously Immune Shield) Skin Serum is used any time inflammation threatens the skins integrity. The ingredients are the highest source of naturally occurring vitamin E and C. It is also high in ceramides acting identical to skin membrane to support the structure of the skin and improve skin appearance. Skin Serum can also be useful for all skin types. Be sure to read our ingredient benefits list for detailed information on our new whole plant-based ingredients.

Vitamin C & E Skin Serum Roller 8ml

SKU: Skin-Serum-Roller
  • Treat your skin to the best: 40% whole, active Vitamin E with 17 amino acids/ helps protect against free radical damage with powerful anti-oxidants/ use to dry up blemishes/ Calm skin irritation after sun exposure / hydrate lips and lip lines. Can be used as a whole body treatment.

    Please see Frownies FAQ section for more information about this product.


    Blemishes on the Face: Natural Whole form vitamin E in Immune Shield contains all the phospholipids, polypeptides and phenols for healing that occur naturally in whole vitamin E oil. Because of vitamin E’s healing anti-inflammatory properties a little can be blotted on any pimple or blemishes to promote blemish drying and healing. Acne can be helped by vitamin E in a bio- active form. Skin prone to acne needs extra support all the time.


    Immune Shield offers the skin the right type of lipid to support a healthy skin cell and clear skin. Blemishes and pimples like, blackheads, whiteheads, papules, cysts and nodules are all a result of inflammation at some level. The skin produces excess oils when the right lipids are not present. Immune Shield as acne serum with 40% whole form active vitamin E and is rich in poly phenols and amino acids that support the skin integrity. If you are prone to acne use Immune Shield every morning and night on the entire face for beautiful clear skin.


    Stretch Marks and Scars: Immune Shield is perfect for prevention or treatment of stretch marks on the skin as well as scars. Immune Shield is 40% whole Vitamin E oil. Clinical trials have proven vitamin E works great on newer stretch marks but even if they are have been on the skin for a while, it still works; it just takes a little longer. If you are pregnant it is safe to apply all natural Immune Shield to the abdominal and hip area as well as the breast. Apply the Immune Shield after taking a shower; re-apply after your next shower. To be effective, you should be applying the vitamin E oil daily. If you do not take a shower every day then, on the days that you don't shower, clean the surface with a clean wet cloth and re-apply as usual. Immune Shield works for stretch marks, scars (including acne scars and blemishes) and any skin irregularities that you wish would disappear. If you have used vitamin E in the past you will not see the sticky residue like other vitamin E products; Immune Shield penetrates completely and goes to work immediately.


    60 ml Offrez-vous le meilleur : Vitamine E active concentrée à 40%, avec 17 acides aminés. Aide à protéger votre peau contre les radicaux libres avec ses puissants anti-oxydants. Aide à éliminer les imperfections de la peau, hydate les lèvres et soigne l'épiderme après l'exposition au soleil. Peut être utilisé sur tout le corps. Veuillez consulter la section Frownies FAQ afin d'obtenir plus d'informations sur ce produit. 60 ml

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